The Public's Health and Shale Gas Development 

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Upcoming Webinar on PFAS, Recent DOH Visit to Frontline Communities, and a Community Spotlight
3rd Quarter | August 2021

Webinar on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and "Fractured: The Body Burden of Living Near Fracking"
2nd Quarter | May 2021

Expert Panel on Infectious Lung Disease and Air Pollution, Medical Toolkit Survey, Sign-on Letter
1st Quarter | February 2021

LWV Conference, New Study from Nature Communications, Research Review: Urinary Effects from Gas Wells
4th Quarter | November 2020

PA Grand Jury Investigation on Fracking Harms, Sign-on Letters, Upcoming Webinar on Cancer, New Study on Flaring
3rd Quarter | August 2020

Air Pollution & Respiratory Infections | Health Outcomes from Exposure
2nd Quarter | May 2020

New Research Review | Radioactive Waste | PA to Fund Research
1st Quarter | January 2020

DOH Response to Rare Pediatric Cancers in SWPA | Upcoming Events
4th Quarter | October 2019

Health Risks from Fracking and the Lack of a State Public Health Response 
3rd Quarter | August 2019

EHP Health Care Provider Forum, New Study on Shale Gas Waste 
2nd Quarter | April 2019

PA Health/Mental Health Literature Reviews, County Health Risk Assessments
1st Quarter | January 2019

Setback Distances, Children’s Environmental Health, and Upcoming Events
4th Quarter | October 2018

Exploring Health Impacts on Children, Mental Health Impacts, and more
3rd Quarter | July 2018

Health Impacts of Compressor Stations: Biomonitoring Advice
2nd Quarter | April 2018

Symptoms to watch for in Shale Gas Communities
1st Quarter | January 2018

Photo by Bob Donnan. Drilling pad, PA. 2014. Provided by The FracTracker Alliance on