07/16/2019 - ‘Fishyleaks’ website hopes to land those guilty of overfishing

Charity accuses government agencies of ignoring 'rampant' rule-breaking in industry, and encourages whistleblowers.

07/16/2019 - Hundreds convene in Portland to block Zenith oil terminal plans

Hundreds of people attended a community meeting in Portland Monday eveing to figure out ways to stop the renovation of the Zenith Energy oil terminal along the Willamette River.

07/16/2019 - Chesapeake states grapple with ‘forever chemical’ contaminating drinking water

Widely used in consumer and industrial products, including fire-fighting foam, PFAS are now cropping up in ground water near military bases, airports, factories.

07/15/2019 - ‘Sunny day’ floods a rising threat in Chesapeake region

As floodwaters rose last year, so did records across the Chesapeake Bay region.

07/15/2019 - Recycled electronics are turning Thailand into a 'dumping ground for hazardous waste'

Recycling your electronics might get old tech out of the house. But on the fringes of Bangkok, villagers say the western world's e-waste is destroying their lives.

07/15/2019 - Practising seafood safety

Microplastics are not just an environmental issue. The tiny pieces of synthetic material are also part of a worrying ongoing discussion about food safety not just in Thailand but the world over.

07/15/2019 - These scientists found 2,500 years of economic history frozen in ice

Scientists and historians are looking to remote glaciers for insights into events like the Black Plague and Great Depression.

07/15/2019 - Group says it will sue EPA over stormwater pollution in Los Alamos

A Taos-based water conservation group has been waiting for the EPA to make a decision about a stormwater permit for over five years.

07/15/2019 - Study finds lemurs in degraded Madagascar forest skinny and stunted

Skinny bodies in adults could mean that their nutritional intake is compromised in the disturbed areas.

07/15/2019 - Revenge of the power grid

Infrastructure doesn’t only exist when it fails.