10/25/2021 - For forest fires grown wilder, an alternative: The 'good fire'

Despite the evidence supporting prescribed fires in the American West, policymakers are slow to put it into practice.

10/25/2021 - LISTEN: Respecting Earth and Indigeneity in the Grand Canyon

Let's lend our ears to Daniel Pawlak, the Cultural Demonstrator Program Manager at Grand Canyon National Park.

The Grand Canyon is a beautiful, sprawling landscape of mesas and rock formations. But Dan describes a thriving series of desert ecosystems, much more diverse, colorful, and culturally significant than one might think. Dan will take us on a journey through the Grand Canyon as both an ecological marvel and a space of cultural and ancestral significance for the 11 associated tribes in the region.

This episode is part of the A Listen into Landscape project, a series of audio postcards spotlighting peace, place, and connection to landscape from the perspective of those working in nature.

Environmental Health News · Respecting Earth and Indigeneity in the Grand Canyon

Natural sound from Grand Canyon NPS and Western River Expeditions. Music By Ed Kabotie, member of the Hopi Village of Shungopavi in Arizona and the Tewa Village of Santa Clara in New Mexico.

10/25/2021 - A river's right to flow

Indigenous communities and conservationists around the world are challenging the view of water as a human commodity, and fighting to keep this precious resource in the ecosystems it sustains. Can the same approach work in the United States’ arid Southwest?

10/25/2021 - Joe Manchin fights to keep subsidies for fossil fuel industry

Manchin is knocking down every reconciliation effort to address the climate crisis. Next up is $121 billion in subsidies for fossil fuel companies.

10/25/2021 - Environmental lawsuit challenges NC biogas production from hog waste

Civil rights and environmental advocates question DEQ permitting of hog waste biogas operations, point to disproportionate impact on communities of color.

10/25/2021 - The EU’s impotent rage at Putin’s gas games

Access to Russian gas is splitting the European Union.

10/25/2021 - Climate advocates who backed Sinema exasperated by blocking of Biden bill

The Arizona senator – who once led the state Green party – has refused to specify which parts of the $3.5tn budget bill she objects to.

10/25/2021 - Polluting cars now have to pay to drive within 140 square miles of London

The city is expanding its ultra low emissions zone to 18 times its current size. Here’s how the program is getting real results and saving lives.

10/25/2021 - Don Lewis is reviving the grain economy in New York's Hudson Valley

The miller and grain expert is adapting heritage grain varieties to present-day climate conditions, developing a local market, and working to diversify the food system.

10/25/2021 - California proposes 3,200-foot buffer zone between oil wells and homes, schools

The new ruling, a key environmental protection, will impact 30% of oil wells in the state.