07/06/2020 - Trump’s climate change record under the microscope in new ad targeting Tampa voters

The 30-second spot is part of a $1.7 million effort to highlight Trump's environmental record.

07/06/2020 - The people killed the pipelines

The Dakota Access and Atlantic Coast pipelines fell because community members fought for their right to a safe, pollutant-free home.

07/06/2020 - How sustainable are ′eco′ brand high street fashions?

Organic cotton is everywhere this summer, but is the label just a marketing strategy?

07/06/2020 - World’s biggest trade deal in trouble over EU anger at Brazil deforestation

Brazil's soaring deforestation rate puts ratification at risk.

07/06/2020 - That coconut oil you love? Species have gone extinct over it. True story

Palm oil isn't the only consumable oil that causes environmental damage, according to a new study.

07/06/2020 - Gabon dam development threatens fish habitat

To meet its rapidly growing energy demands, Gabon is looking to build a number of hydropower dams.

07/06/2020 - Global standards required to prevent mine tailings disasters like Mount Polley: report

Canada, home to about 60 per cent of global mining companies, has a crucial role to play in the development of international rules that could help avoid tailings pond failures.

07/06/2020 - How grizzly bears have learned to live with humans

Grizzly bears had better survival rates when they gradually shifted their behaviour to become more nocturnal.

07/06/2020 - It’s go time for Canada’s green recovery

The call rises from advocates, policy experts and, increasingly, corporate leaders.

07/06/2020 - A warning from the chickens of the world

How our reliance on mass-produced food increases the risk of pandemics.