11/13/2019 - African Development Bank decides not to fund Kenya coal project

Dozens of banks, insurers and finance institutions are restricting coal investments, as climate activists and investors voice growing concerns about the impact of burning fossil fuels.

11/13/2019 - Ethnic Bangladeshis lose jobs as mango-mad farm owners shun thirsty rice

The landless Oraon minority of northwest Bangladesh have traditionally earned a living labouring in local paddy fields, but are struggling as that work dries up due to water shortages.

11/13/2019 - A small Washington town may build the world's largest methanol plant, but do locals want it?

In Kalama, the promise of jobs and the peril of greenhouse gas emissions are keeping neighbors divided over a proposed methanol plant to be built along the Columbia.

11/13/2019 - Does Cascadia High-Speed Rail have a future after Initiative 976?

Voters gutted transportation budgets statewide in this year's election, but supporters of the effort to ease transit between Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, B.C., see a path forward.

11/13/2019 - Thai fishing industry makes headway, but challenges remain

Thailand's fishing sector has made significant strides since coming under intense international scrutiny in 2014.

11/13/2019 - What happens to nuclear waste from power plants?

African countries looking to invest in nuclear energy as a source of clean electricity should consider Europe's struggles with disposing of radioactive waste.

11/13/2019 - Climate change has become a health emergency

Climate change poses a major threat to the health of the world's children and may shape the future of a whole generation if global temperatures are not kept well below 2°C.

11/13/2019 - How the climate crisis is killing us, in 9 alarming charts

A new report from over 100 experts paints a devastating picture of how climate change is already imperiling human health.

11/13/2019 - Myanmar risks losing forests to oil palm, but there’s time to pivot

Conservationists say there may an opening now for forest conservation policies.

11/13/2019 - Indonesian fire expert awarded for exposing destruction by plantation firms

Bambang Hero Saharjo has weathered a series of threats as well as a retaliatory lawsuit over the years by companies he has testified against.