Environmental Reporting

The Environmental Health Project (EHP) is dedicated to providing resources to individuals and communities so that they know where to turn for help in the event of an environmental emergency or potential violation. EHP provides this information as a public resource and is not responsible for the responses from these contacts. Learn more about reporting emergencies and violations on the EPA website.

Contacts for Emergency Situations

Contacts for Non-Emergency Complaints or Tips

Report what you see! If you are concerned about an event or a potential hazard affecting air quality, water quality, or public health in your area, report your observations to EHP and federal and/or state agencies. 

  • EHP Concerning Event Reporting Form
  • PA Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) Environmental Complaint Line (PA only): 1-888-723-3721 or online. (To find your state environmental or health agency, click here.)
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Environmental Violations form online.
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